09 December 2021

10 gift ideas for a travel lover.

December is a very gift month. First Mikołajki and then Christmas. So it's time to think about gifts. Maybe instead of socks and ties, this time you should throw a little something under the Christmas tree, which will definitely be useful during every campervan trip. Here is a list of gift ideas for campervaneme travel fans.


  • Pocket translator or language course

A good gift especially for lovers of foreign travel. Thanks to the pocket-sized translator, it will be much easier to communicate with anyone and anywhere in the world. For the more ambitious, maybe a language course.


  • Thermo mug and thermos

Probably most people will appreciate a cup of hot coffee or tea in the morning. In addition, in a thermo mug or thermos you can take your favorite drink both on the trail on a cool day in the mountains or on a hot day to the beach.


  • Lamps and headlamps

Like a trifle and how useful. First of all, the headlamp allows you to have your hands free so you can do something, move or hold it. If someone does not like to wear lights on the forehead, maybe ordinary lamps or flashlights will be an equally good idea.


  • Pocket knife and basic tool

Like a knife, you shouldn't give someone a gift, but a pocket knife with many other tools is a reliable element of any trip. You never know where and when it can come in handy and knowing life will always be the most surprising moment. It is worth having a pocket knife or a basic tool in case of unforeseen events.


  • Thermal clothing

It will definitely be a hit gift that will not dust in your wardrobe. Thermal clothing will be perfect for both winter trips and just a cooler autumn day.


  • Travel books

There is never too much inspiration. A travel book will not only inspire but also provide a lot of useful and practical information. When you go on a trip spontaneously, you never know for sure what you will see and what will not. Thanks to the travel book, you can plan your trip in advance, taking into account the most interesting places and attractions.


  • Backpacks and kidneys

On the road, you never know what can be useful, and the pockets, however, have their capacity. Therefore, a backpack or a kidney will be a good gift for a travel lover. Thanks to them, it will be easy to take the most necessary things and have them always with you.


  • Car DVR and Reversing Sensor

Certainly, every driver of a medium and large motorhome will appreciate such gifts. Like trifles and in the case of vehicles where the visibility is limited, the sensor or the rear view camera will be a gift worth its weight in gold. Not only will it facilitate maneuvers, but it will also contribute to greater safety. A car camera is always an additional protection during uncontrolled random events. Besides, you can also record beautiful views along the way.


  • GPS

Navigation on the phone is one thing, but probably every travel enthusiast is not playing with decent large navigation with up-to-date maps and routes.


  • Powerbank

An absolute must-have for both small and large trips. It is always worth having it in your pocket to quickly recharge not only the phone but also, for example, the webcam, if necessary.

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