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27 September 2021

5 Unusual Benefits of Vanlife

Vanlife is definitely an amazing adventure, a journey into the unknown, wonderful views and unforgettable memories, freedom. But is this the only thing that campervan life offers? Of course not! The range of benefits and perks of traveling with a campervan is really huge and it is amazing. However, today we want to show some unusual advantages that we do not always pay attention to, and maybe just convince someone to start a new life.


You can always change neighbors


This may seem a bit strange and unusual, but practical. Living in a block of flats or even in a house on the estate, we have no influence on our neighbors, we never have a guarantee that we will find people with whom we can pass a glass of sugar over the fence or spend evenings at the grill. It may happen that you will be behind the lobe of someone intrusive, meddlesome or simply unpleasant and loud rowdy. Well, but what to do, such as a new apartment, a loan on your head, a permanent workplace, etc. Unfortunately, in such a situation we are doomed to them.

What about vanlif?

Loud neighbors at the campground? If we are disturbed by noise, we pack our bags and go on. To a better, quieter, maybe more secluded place. Every day we can grill with someone else, with someone who suits us. And if something does not match, we can go on without fear and formalities resulting, for example, from changing the apartment or place of residence.


Small cleaning area


As we talk about the apartment, it should be mentioned about everyday duties. Who of you likes to clean? We bet that there are probably not many such people, and the thought of spending half of the long-awaited Saturday cleaning the house makes you feel helpless and reluctant. Because it's better to go on a weekend trip than to fly with a mop and a cloth? Relax, in campervans the area is much smaller so cleaning takes literally a moment. You have to do it more often, but it's probably better 5-10 minutes a day than a few hours on Saturday.


No more forgetting anything from home


You probably know it from your own experience that even when making a to-take list, you will always forget something. And this is cutlery, toothbrushes, mountain shoes or diving equipment. I think we've all experienced it at least once. But since we can change a large house to a campervan, we can also reduce the risk of leaving something or forgetting. When you live in a van, you have everything in your mobile home on wheels, so everything you need is always with you. Simple isn't it?




Everything is clean and in its place, we have not forgotten anything - you can go on tour. Any restrictions? Not. No restrictions in the form of free dates in hotels, weather forecasts, the boss's "grace" for a vacation on a given date. Vanlife is spontaneity, it is an adventure. So spontaneously, at any place and time, we can make crazy decisions as to what we want to do, where and when . Without limits.


No corporate fashion show


As without limits, then without limits in every aspect. For example, are you irritated by the necessity to sit in the office in a shirt and tie every day, your legs ache from high heels and your skirt makes it difficult to even walk up the stairs? Looks in the street and comments from friends about clothes, or the constant pressure to dress appropriately for the situation, circumstances, place and environment. This can be frustrating and irritating. What we like about vanlif is this freedom to wear what we want and not what is imposed by fashion, environment or regulations at work.



Have you ever noticed a few things? Or maybe you have your own list or some special aspects that you love vanlife for? Please share your favorite advantages with us.

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