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14 October 2021

A few words about bedroom roofs

Small T4 / T5 / T6 bus campervans are the perfect solution for a weekend or holiday trip for two. But what if we have a larger family or want to take friends? There are enough seats in the car, but what about sleeping? Theoretically, you could always take the outdoor tent with you and haul matches every evening who sleeps outside this time, since everyone can sleep together in a campervan like on a double bunk bed.

It sounds interesting?

Sure it is, because it is enough to install a bedroom roof and we have solved the issue of sleeping.


What is a bedroom roof?

The bedroom roof is a fold-out tent mounted on the roof of our car. However, compared to an external roof tent, the sleeping roof can be folded out from the inside and can also be entered from the inside. In fact, it is part of the car.


Benefits of a bedroom roof?

We all know that in vans we do not have huge space or the possibility of straightening up. Therefore, by installing a bedroom roof, we gain a little more space and the possibility of standing freely inside the vehicle. Additionally, thanks to this solution, we gain additional sleeping places. The strength of the roof allows 2 adults to slip in comfortably. In summer, sleeping upstairs can be especially pleasant because thanks to the open windows on 3 sides there is a constant air flow and thanks to the sewn-in mesh, you can sleep peacefully without worrying about mosquitoes, for example.


How to unfold and fold the bedroom roof?

When we reach the parking place and want to open the roof, we should remember about a few very important things. First, loosen the safety straps sufficiently before opening. When the straps are loosened, first gently lift the upper-roof part of the tent. We slowly lift it until we feel that the brackets are pushing the roof up by themselves and the material is straightening. We do the same with the sleeping shelf. To assemble, we do the opposite. First the shelf, then the roof and secure it with straps.

NOTE !: It is important to pull all the roof material inside so as not to shake it. Only when the material does not stick out anywhere can we close and secure the roof.


What cars do we install sleeping roofs for?

Our offer includes not only camping buildings, but also sleeping roofs. We install roofs of the Polish production of the "Camproof" company.

We install roofs to:

  • VW T6 (short and long version)
  • VW T5 (short and long version)
  • VW T4 (short and long version)
  • Renault Trafic (short version II gen and long version III gen)
  • Opel Vivaro (short version Igen and long version II gen)

If you are interested in installing a bedroom roof, please contact us. We are happy to take care of your implementation and answer any additional questions;)

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