26 November 2021

Black Week motorhome


Black Week and Black Friday is a great opportunity to equip yourself with the necessary camping equipment and accessories at lower prices. But what to focus on? What's worth buying? And what not to forget? Maybe our list will tell you something.


1.electronic equipment

At the very beginning, it is worth thinking about the technical aspects when improving your campervan to make it feel at home in it. Photovoltaics is becoming more and more common, so why not install such panels on the car? Additional electricity will certainly always be useful, and you will be able to arrange an all-night movie screening without any worries. Do not forget about an additional battery - and maybe a video projector or lamps to add climate to the set? Consider this option :).


2. camping equipment

What would be a successful session, of course, there must be comfortable chairs or armchairs. Such a purchase will also work well in many other situations. Imagine an evening by the fire with friends or on a hot day at the beach with a drink in hand. It is worth adding that the purchase of chairs (of course with a table included) will also be useful in everyday use when preparing and eating meals. And if you want to go crazy on promotions, maybe a hammock?


3. kitchen equipment and decorations

We also recommend adding a few essentials to the basket. For everyday use and just for additional comfort and of course the visual aspects. From a practical point of view, it is worth starting with the necessary rental, e.g. for the kitchen. A portable gas stove, cups, pots and more are absolutely essential accessories. And for comfort, maybe a warm blanket or stylish pillows or a new decoration for a free space on the wall. Like little things and they can enjoy.


4. grill

Of course, the grill is still missing. Grilled sausages, meat or baked bread. Sounds delicious right? A barbecue is a good investment. And although the season is officially over, there is nothing to prevent you from taking advantage of the promotional prices now and being ready as soon as the season starts again.


5. tents / awning

And how to go crazy, so maybe a sleeping roof, or an outdoor tent, or maybe an awning? The promotional craze is in full swing, so use it to enjoy more and more interesting and comfortable trips.

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