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12 August 2022

Buildings are not everything - what is not visible counts

What do we most often associate a campervan with? How do we imagine him? In the first place, most people probably see beautiful furniture, colorful pillows and hanging lamps that give the atmosphere. A beautiful picture, you have to admit. However, a campervan is not only charming buildings and atmospheric accessories to make you feel at home, but also what you cannot see and are necessary to live in a house on wheels. What are we talking about?



The basis for building a motorhome. Although you can't see it, you can't move without it. In fact, thanks to the insulation, you can travel comfortably regardless of the weather. An insulated vehicle does not lose heat so quickly, nor does it heat up so drastically inside. In addition, it is tight, so no rain or storm will be terrible.



Traveling in a camper is supposed to be a pleasure and, above all, a rest. For most people, it is also an escape from the everyday noise of city life. Therefore, the soundproofing of the vehicle is another key element for the comfort of the trip. A soundproof motorhome means less tiring sounds from the outside while driving. Peace and quiet while driving are at a premium.


Electrical installation

Small wires that are hidden in the walls in the house also disappear under the cover of beautiful buildings. However, they are necessary for proper functioning. Each lamp and socket for connecting a telephone requires electrical installation. And additional, when we want to work remotely, e.g. via a computer, an additional battery is necessary, preferably with a photovoltaic panel.


Water and gas installation.

How can you make yourself, at least hot tea, without it? It's hard to imagine everyday life without running water from your tap. It is not impossible, of course, but it still gives a much higher standard of the trip. Tanks for clean and gray water, pipes, a pump and other elements of the water system are often also cleverly hidden under the building. Thanks to the water installation, you can not only make tea, but also wash dishes, hands or even take a bath by installing an internal or external shower.


Auxiliary heating

There is no radiator in the camper. You can not put up a "goat" that will heat, and yet nobody wants to freeze. Therefore, instead of a heater, a parking heater is installed, often hidden under the passenger seat. Another thing that cannot be seen, but should be in a motorhome, especially if we want to travel all year round. A small investment, but it will certainly make autumn and winter evenings in a camper van more enjoyable.


These few basic elements when building a motorhome disappear under the building, but thanks to them our campervan can function and we feel at home in it. So it is worth focusing on them first when building a motorhome, so that later you do not have to remove the furniture to "add" some of the elements mentioned above.

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