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07 January 2022

Campervan - where to start?

The New Year is a unique time that prompts you to make important decisions and resolutions. So let's take advantage of this spirit of change and think about your own campervan. If buying or building your own house on wheels is your decision, the beginning of the year is perfect to start. Not only because it is a time of changes and decisions, but just take it easy, if you start now, you will have time to vacation and as soon as the beautiful weather begins, you will be able to enjoy your travels without restrictions.

But where to start? At first glance, building a motorhome seems simple, but in practice you have to remember about a million things. Therefore, in this article, we will introduce you to 3 basic topics with which to start.



1. What do we need a campervan for?

A trivial question, but this is where everything should start. The answer suggests itself that it is for traveling. Well, here is also an avalanche of further questions. Whether you travel seasonally or all year round, alone or with someone, how many people, country or abroad, from camping to camping or in the wild, in the field or in civilized conditions, etc. Once you have defined what type of car you need, you can go further


2. What kind of campervan base to choose?

That is why it was worth answering all possible questions related to the purpose and ideas of traveling in a campervan first. If you want to travel on a weekend or only seasonally, a bus car, e.g. T5 / T6, is enough. It is easy for 4 people to sleep comfortably in it. You can install a sleeping roof in it, thanks to which we will gain some space inside. However, if you want to travel most of the year, a larger car will be much more comfortable. All kinds of vans, e.g. Ducato, Sprinter, Jumper are perfect for the base. A much larger area means a lot more possibilities and space. And hence greater comfort. Or are you thinking of going quite wild off the beaten path? Then you will need a 4x4 base. Even a typical off-road car can be converted into a camping one.


3. What is the necessary equipment?

Once the base has been chosen, it's time to think about the interior and the necessary equipment. The most interesting but probably the longest stage. Planning and design. If we want to build ourselves, it is worth getting acquainted with the anatomy and technical capabilities of the car first to know where the water tanks can easily fit, so that they do not take up space. However, if we decide on a company, they will surely help and advise many interesting solutions. However, it is worth having at least an outline of the final effect. Is there to be a fully equipped kitchen and bathroom or maybe just simple and minimalist solutions. For how many people is to sleep and whether we provide such amenities as, for example, photovoltaic panels, an additional battery or heating. In search of inspiration, it is worth browsing the previous projects of various companies and, for example, pinterest.



Here are the 3 basic and most important things to do before starting work on your own campervan. We hope that the first steps will now be a little easier to make your dreams come true.

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