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28 May 2022

Can you travel with a camper in any weather?

Often, when we plan trips with a camper, we check the weather forecast for the next few days, a week or even a month ahead to make sure that the trip will be successful. But what if the weather suddenly changes? Does this have to mean the end of the trip and the adventure?

Similar doubts may arise even before the construction of the camper van - "will I be able to drive this car all the time or only in the summer?". These and many other questions, I will provide, bother many people. So today we will suggest what to do to enjoy trips all year round, regardless of the weather.


Choose the right base.The basic issue when planning to build your own camper van - the right car that will be the base. And it's not about the brand or size, but mainly about its technical condition. In particular, it is worth paying attention to its tightness and bodywork condition. The Campervan will be a home on wheels for many years, so a solid floor is a must. Especially when buying a second-hand car, pay attention to whether there is any rust or even holes somewhere and whether it has not already been glued.


Take care of proper insulation.Absolutely essential no matter where and when we travel. The insulation not only protects against the cold, but also prevents the metal plate from heating up so much on hot days. When talking about insulation, it is also worth mentioning tightness - in this sense, to take care of any small gaps that arose during the construction of the campervan (proper protection of the roof tent, windows, external connections and other elements).


Roof tent instead of a traditional one.A very practical solution. The roof tent, unlike the traditional one, can be set up whenever and wherever we stop. It does not need any additional space or a sufficiently level ground. There is also no need to look for "pegs" and a hammer to unfold it and attach it. In addition, in the event of bad weather, the roof tent can be closed and you can comfortably sit in the campervan, without worrying that the storm or rain will blow away or destroy the traditional tent outside.


Remember about the necessary equipment.Think about what you need to comfortably experience, for example, a cloudburst in a campervan. A fridge and a cooker - so that you can easily cook something (and of course basic utensils). It is also worth having a cassette toilet, although in emergency. For more technical aspects, we recommend an additional battery so that after a winter trip to the mountains you can warm up under a blanket while watching your favorite movie.


Good attitude.The highlight of this list. As the saying goes, "there is no bad weather, only inappropriate clothes." It is similar with campervan travel. Regardless of the weather, you can travel the world or rest during your summer vacation, if you are properly prepared. Therefore, before leaving, be prepared for any eventuality, so that the "lack of an umbrella" does not spoil your mood.


Half-heartedly - you can also dance in the rain;)

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