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01 May 2022

How to behave on the campground?

A camping holiday is a special time, full of adventures, surprises and various places to stay. It's amazing that you can stay somewhere else every day. However, does it give us complete freedom to do what we want?

Well, not really - on every camping site you must behave properly and follow the regulations.

What is worth remembering and what rules should be followed?


  • Read the terms and conditions

Most campsites have their own unique rules that should be learned when entering a given parking space. Why is it so important? First of all, you will learn the general rules of the field, but also learn many useful things. From the regulations, you can learn, for example, about the place where rubbish is thrown, waste disposal, electricity or toilets.


  • Don't make noise - don't listen to music loudly

If you like to listen to music loud, go to a concert or put on headphones. Do not tire your neighbors with your music, because not everyone has to like, for example, a given type of music. Also remember that probably a large proportion of people who stay at campsites just want to relax. So let's respect each other and not only turn down the music but, for example, don't shout or be loud, especially in the evenings (night silence).


  • Watch out for the children

The above point also applies to children. First of all, let us respect that whole families with small children go to the campsites, so appropriate behavior and observance of night silence will be appreciated. Secondly, as parents, we teach children to behave properly in the campsite and make sure that they do not wake up the neighbors with a joyful invitation to breakfast at 5 am or do not let them sleep at midnight chasing between cars and trailers. Holidays on a camping field will surely be an unforgettable adventure for them, so let's also take care of safety and teach from an early age that running or cycling around the field without supervision is not necessarily the best idea. It is similar with playing with the ball in parking lots and parking spaces between vehicles.


  • Keep your distance

When setting up a car or trailer, remember about the appropriate distance between the neighbors. Probably each of us appreciates private space, so let's not take it away from others. We should also remember that the space around is subconsciously treated as a "small garden" in which you want peace and quiet to take a breath of air. In addition, it is not here that you go out of the city to the bosom of nature to have a neighbor closer than the one from the apartment block or even look at his windows as in housing estates.


  • Pour out waste to the designated places

It is mainly about cleaning portable toilets. Due to the chemistry used in them, their contents should not be poured "anywhere". Usually, there are separate spaces for this on campsites. Let's take care of the environment and even if the chemicals we use are described as bio and eco, don't risk it.

A similar situation applies to washing dishes. In the fields there are often special places for this with a sink and running water. This is a much better solution than washing dishes in the shower or - even worse - with a car where dirt spills under the car.


  • Do not let the dog loose and clean up after him

A very important point for dog owners, but not everyone remembers it. The campground is not a dog run where you can let your pets loose with impunity. It is just very dangerous for everyone. First, it is not known if there are other dogs somewhere in the field that may be in conflict. Not only can this interaction be dangerous, but we don't know what condition the other dog will be in. He can be sick or old - which puts both owners at risk from the vets. In addition, there are children in the fields who may want to play with our dog, often in an inappropriate way or - worse - they may get scared and the dog - even the most beloved - can hurt them. We should also respect the fact that not everyone has to like the company of a dog, may be afraid of it or simply have an allergy. Let's also look at it in terms of the safety of our own dog. A pet running loose can run away, be taken, poisoned or bitten. We recommend that you buy a long rope / leash and keep your dog in mind when we are at the campsite.

Ps. If you often go to the campgrounds and do not plan to breed your dog, we recommend that you consider sterilization / castration - it will save many problems for you and others.


  • Clean up after yourself

An obvious point, however, was not always respected. Remember that in order to enjoy your trips and always have somewhere to come back, you need to keep order after yourself. There are quite large rotations of people at the campsites, so when everyone cleans up after themselves, it will still be an attractive place. In addition, there are places for garbage disposal on the campsites. Often there are even sorting buckets so it shouldn't be a problem any more. Better to take a walk in the bin than to hide the rubbish in the bushes. The same goes for the owners of ps

that. Always clean up after campsites. Despite the fact that it is a green area, no one would want to wake up with an unpleasant surprise at the door.


  • Do not destroy

A camping site is a common good for all people staying on it. Therefore, let us respect them and take care of them as if they were our own. Let us not destroy what is there and let us not be afraid to reprimand others when we catch someone deliberately destroying anything. However, if something is damaged (everything has the right to break), let the campsite managers know about it.


  • Be nice and polite

The most important rule in camping;) A camping holiday is a special time during which you can make many friends that can turn into friendship for many years. Therefore, let's be nice and polite to the neighbors of the campsite.

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