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18 June 2022

How to travel with pets?

Holiday trips are often quite a logistic undertaking. Everyone is packed, the place is chosen, the Campervan is ready. Just get in and go. And then a doggy wagging its tail stands in front of us, or a cat fawns between its legs. Every family member deserves a vacation, so why not take them?

How to do it safely, efficiently and legally?


1. Secure your dog during transport.

It would seem that a soft sofa or a lair between the cabinets is an ideal and safe place for our pet. However, according to the regulations, the animal in the vehicle should be properly secured so that it does not move in the car in the event of an accident. Therefore, it is important that the dog or cat is strapped in so that they cannot run freely while driving. Special transport cages are also allowed. Of course, they also need to be clipped on and secured against moving.


2. Make sure the van is adapted to animals

As above, safety is essential, but when we go out, Van becomes a home not only for us, but also for our pets. Therefore, you should make sure that he also feels at home. At home, he has his own place where he not only feels safe, but can also rest and hide to have a little peace. So it is worth thinking about it at the stage of designing the van, if you are planning trips with the whole family. Of the necessary parts, air conditioning will certainly come in handy - without it, you cannot leave your pets alone in the car. Just like the place for safe transport mentioned above.


3. The right accessories.

Especially when traveling on hot days, you should take care of the thermal comfort of animals. At home, in hot weather, pets often hide in the bathroom on cold tiles to find a bit of cool. In the van it is worth investing in cooling mats, on which the animals will be able to rest on hot days. Similarly, in winter trips, where he can look for a warm account.


4. Take a set of tests and documents

Never leave, especially for a longer trip, without prior research - at least some basic research. Make sure all pets are healthy and that they can travel safely. In addition to the tests, do not forget about the current rabies vaccination and the security in the form of a chip with information about the owner. In addition, when traveling abroad, you will also need to bring an animal passport.


Most importantly, when traveling with a dog, cat or other animal, be guided by the general safety of yourself and the animal, both while driving and resting.

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