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29 December 2021

In a camper van for New Year's Eve

Holidays, holidays and after Christmas ... So it's time to think about New Year's Eve.

How about entering the New Year in a motorhome? In our opinion, this is a great option, and you don't have to plan six months in advance. Just pack your camper and go on tour. And where to? Where only our imagination takes us.

For those who have no idea, we will suggest some interesting options.


  • Mountains

Probably the most popular destination for winter trips. White peaks and trails now have their own special and unique charm. Wherever you look, there is a wonderful white layer of fluffy snow. Could there be a more beautiful scenery for the New Year celebrations? In addition, New Year's Eve in the mountains is not only beautiful views, but also the opportunity to spend time actively with friends. Because how is it to go to the mountains in winter and not jump on skis or a board. Don't forget about the necessary equipment and race with your friends to the mountains.


  • Sea

A quite unusual option for this time of the year, but as unique as the mountains. Recommended especially if you want peace. The lack of crowds of tourists will make it easy for you to take a walk on the beach. An ideal opportunity for a moment of rest and relaxation. And at midnight maybe champagne on the beach? You should also consider this option of going on New Year's Eve.


  • Somewhere warm

Quite generally, but not everyone is a fan of the frosty New Year's Eve. The world is small, so instead of an extra sweater and a winter jacket, pack a swimsuit and shorts, because it is enough to drive a bit further to enjoy the sun and pleasant temperatures. How about a barbecue on New Year's Eve?

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