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24 April 2022

In a camper van to Majówka - Where is it worth going?

Picnic in a week's time, so it's worth considering where to go for this long weekend so as not to waste it at home.


Where is it worth going?


1. Mountains - Crown of Polish Mountains

A classic destination for many leisure trips. Maybe this time it is worth looking at the mountains in a more active way? The weather is perfect for mountain trips and conquering the peaks. An interesting option may be to decorate the Crown of Polish Mountains. This can be done in a recreational way or with a specially prepared program in which you have to perform specific tasks and get stamps. Who is taking up the challenge?


2. Masuria - Pike season

A land famous for its lakes. Picturesque views that will surely delight everyone. It should be a particularly attractive destination for a summer trip for anglers. Why? The season for the king of waters - pike begins on May 1. There is still a moment so it is worth preparing fishing rods, reels and lures to be able to hunt by the water throughout the long weekend.

Ps. We recommend taking a barbecue.


3. Sea - pre-season silence

It's worth going to the seaside now, because it's not high season and the beaches aren't full. It will be easy to walk around the prairie, enjoying the peace and quiet. And for people who do not like to sit in one place, we recommend a trip along the shore and visit, for example, coastal lighthouses or harbors.


4. Poland - Scratch map

May weekend is also the perfect time to travel around Poland and visit various unique places. But how do you find or choose them? Of course, you can use the Internet or go ahead without planning. However, we want to propose an interesting and unconventional solution, namely a scratch map. Depending on the type of scratch card, you can follow the trail of castles, monuments, museums or the most beautiful places in Poland. There are many maps on the internet to choose from. It will definitely be a unique adventure discovering new places on the map.


5. Favorite place

Sometimes you don't have to go far and look for the perfect place to rest. It is enough to go somewhere close, but to your favorite place, where you can relax and forget about everyday life for a while.


6. Off-road camper

This option is especially interesting for owners of 4x4 motorhomes and off-roaders with camping equipment. Such multi-day trips are interesting adventures, often full of adrenaline and unexpected twists. What could be better? It is worth thinking about buying roadbooks now.

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