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19 January 2022

Motorhome seats

The car is selected. Time to start designing. Just where to start?

We suggest that the decision for how many people the campervan is for. This is a key issue because, depending on the number of seats, we will be able to further plan the development.



Why is it so important?

Seats are one of the necessary elements of equipment, and in addition, for a safe drive, they cannot be any random seats. Motorhome seats are significantly different from passenger car seats.


First of all, they increase comfort, which is important for many hours of travel, as they are much more comfortable than standard seats. They are fully adjustable, so the position of the seat can be adjusted to make it as comfortable as possible while driving and resting. Interestingly and practical, motorhome seats fold easily to create a comfortable place to sleep.


Secondly, the seats have a special swivel system with an integrated turntable - the most distinctive feature that distinguishes motorhome seats. Thanks to this solution, you can easily turn the seats to the inside of the car when parked and eat breakfast at the table or play cards. The ability to rotate the seats also gives a little more space and freedom, especially in smaller motorhomes.


Thirdly, specialized camping seats have the necessary road approval, which makes them safe to use. In addition, the seats have their own safety belt system, so you can easily install them even if the car does not have belts, e.g. when you want to make a second row of seats.


It is also worth mentioning that both single and double sofas are available on the market - we can easily choose the perfect solution for our needs. We can also easily install a double swivel couch at the front. However, when creating the second row, we can use individual armchairs so that everyone can fit them under themselves or the entire sofa. The special anchor structure allows you to change the position and location of the car seats during the trip.


Remember to choose only specialized seats adapted to motorhomes so that the ride is comfortable, safe and that you can easily register your car and undergo inspections.

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