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26 March 2022

Professional development or ready-made furniture from the market?​​​​​​​

Building your own campervan is definitely a very exciting process and an amazing challenge. After all, not every day I build my own house on wheels. Probably when you start, you are faced with a lot of questions, not only technical but also practical, how to solve some issues. Today we would like to introduce you to the subject of building, and more specifically, campervan furniture.


Furniture and space organization are one of the most time-consuming stages. Hundreds of reviewed designs for inspiration and dozens of sketches of your own ideas. And here the question often arises "what to do with?"

You are probably considering 2 basic options: professional custom-made furniture or ready-made furniture from a market. We will try to dispel your doubts as to what is better to choose.


Furniture from the market

Simply put, we do not recommend this solution. Why?


Little possibility of modification - when buying ready-made furniture, there is little chance of modifying it. First of all, it is hard to change something in order to add or take something away. In addition, you have to get a bit of a struggle to adjust everything after measuring, for example holes for water installations, tanks, batteries and other elements. Moreover, they offer very few possibilities to create multifunctional solutions allowing the maximum use of such a small space.

It's hard to fit perfectly to the dimensions of the car - the purchased furniture already has its own specific dimensions. It may turn out that after the purchase the furniture does not fit and you have to struggle to "stuff" or to make some extra so that everything fits and closes;) It can often create unnecessary additional work, and also think about additional costs, such as you will get something wrong ?

The furniture from the supermarket is not adapted to the conditions of the vanlif - it is about the material from which they are made. Colloquially speaking, many pieces of furniture are made of paper, which makes them unsuitable for continuous exposure to weather conditions. Why? Among other things, because when traveling, they are often exposed to very high humidity, and thus the furniture quickly swells, falls apart and, in extreme cases, forms a mush. And if it is to be a house on wheels and we invest in it from the beginning, it makes no sense to do a general renovation every season.

They are not safe - one of the most important disadvantages of ready-made market furniture. Such a solution does not have adequate safeguards so that, for example, cabinets do not open while driving. Additionally, 90% of such furniture has sharp, straight edges that are very easy to hit, especially in such a small area.

The only advantage of furniture from the supermarket is that it is a quick and ready solution, thanks to which the entire furniture can be made in just 1 day using basic tools.




Professional custom-made construction

In our opinion, the only right solution that will serve for years. Why?


The use of appropriate materials - the main advantage of professional development. From the very beginning, we can influence the materials used to make sure that it will not be completely replaced in a few months.

The freedom to create multifunctional solutions - thanks to the possibility of creating furniture from scratch, it is much easier and more convenient to use an innovative and original solution. You can easily add, for example, an additional retractable table top or a bed that turns into 2 separate sofas.

Furniture that fits perfectly - you don't have to worry that something will be too short or too long. All elements will be perfectly matched not only to the size of the car, but also to all installations and additional equipment.

Durability - suitable materials include more resistant to moisture than market furniture. Thanks to that, we will be able to enjoy them much longer without worrying about their disassembly and replacement, e.g. every season. In addition, if the furniture does not catch moisture, the possibility of fungus in the campervan is also reduced.

You can fully take care of safety - each element can be individually profiled so that it has rounded edges. In addition, it's much easier to add secure locker systems, so that nothing will open while driving and fall out, and the dishes will not break.

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