You've always dreamt of travelling, but never had the courage to take that first step❓ Familiarize yourself with our offer and open yourself to the possibilities you had no idea about. 👉 Together, we will create your home on wheels. 🚐🚐 VANLIFE - and life stops being boring. ❤️



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- Available to everyone

- Any campervan configuration

- Competitive prices

- Individual projects and tailor-made implementation

- Possible construction in stages

Furniture housing

- For every VAN / BUS vehicle and caravans

- Hand-made furniture

- Compliant with the client's idea

- Designed in 3D-made of light plywood and durable materials

Sleeping roofs

- Polish production of the "Camproof" brand

- High quality while maintaining low price compared to western roofs

-  Waterproof fabric of the tent, mildew resistant and non-flammable

- We are distributor of "Camproof" roofs 



What is VANLIFE❓👉 It is the abandonment of the existing patterns and return to life in harmony with nature, often in accordance with its cycles, such as the time of day and night, or the seasons. What are the main advantages of such a life? ➡ Firstly, FREEDOM - vanlife allows us to enjoy our lives and do what we love! (Of course, it's best to do it in designated areas) If you also dream of changing your lifestyle and starting VANLIFE - contact us. ❤️❤️ We deal with the professional conversion of cars into ones that will enable travelling. Please contact us. 0048 518 211 926

   Open up to life!

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