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15 February 2022

Surfvan - Campervan for surfing enthusiasts

The surfing season on the snowy peaks of the mountains is in full swing. Why not extend this fun by changing only a snowboard to a surfboard? It will be even more an adventure in a camper to warm countries.


Catching waves, warm water and sandy beaches - and your beloved board at hand. Sounds wonderful right?

That's why we have a great solution for adventure lovers. Campervans specially adapted to surfing enthusiasts.


What distinguishes such a campervan?


First of all, the buildings are made in such a way that you can safely transport all equipment. Your favorite board is priceless - so it needs special care. It is not worth leaving it outside for the night, because you never know, so it is worth hiding it inside.


How to do it so that it does not take up too much space under the legs?


The solution is simple. It is enough to allocate a little space for the equipment at the design stage. A long compartment is perfect for this. Such building can be made along the entire car. Thanks to which the boards will fit easily. In addition, it is a good place to put, for example, wet wetsuits or other wet and sanded equipment when it cannot dry freely outside.


Why is this solution good?

First of all, we don't have to worry about where to hide the boards each time. They also do not need to be left outside or on the roof of the car.


Secondly, there is the problem of the additional amount of water and sand in the residential part of the motorhome. It is not very comfortable to sleep in a bedding full of sand and wake up with a wet floor. Unfortunately, it is possible when the boards are suspended from the ceiling or leaned against the floor.


Thirdly, thanks to hiding the boards inside, you can arrange the roof of the car in a lot more interesting way.


How to arrange the roof of a campervan, for example?

You can install a bedroom roof, thanks to which not only will there be more space in the campervan, but also an additional place to sleep. You can also mount photovoltaic panels on the roof or simply make a terrace.


One simple patent gives many useful benefits. So it is worth considering such a solution if you plan to travel with a hint of surfing adventure.


Where to go on your first adventure?

Maybe Peniche in Portugal, the Canary Islands, the Tariff in Spain, or the coast of Morocco. Wherever the heart desires and the waves will be high.

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