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10 September 2021

What is Vanlife?

Are you back from vacation and are you already thinking about the next ones? Maybe an idea for a new hobby? Let us tell you about something amazing, about the possibility of an eternal vacation. Do you like such a vision? All year round, visiting interesting places, meeting new people and cultures, spending evenings by the fire and sleeping wherever you like. Sounds exciting, doesn't it?

Since you are here, you are probably familiar with journeys or you just want to start them, and the sight of a motorhome on the highway evokes a hint of joy. Although we work in the workshop on a daily basis to create bodies for transport vehicles, vanlife is in our hearts. You have probably heard this term more than once because it has recently become a very fashionable topic, but have you wondered what the vanlify is all about and why we convert cars into campervans?

Simply put, vanlife is simply living in a van, in a car transformed into a microscopic apartment. It does not matter if it is a trip for the weekend, a week, a few months' vacation or a lifetime. The adventure and freedom that vanlife gives are important, because that's what it's all about. For breaking out of the city walls, for leaving everyday luxuries, getting up from the couch and setting off into the unknown.

Vanlife is the freedom that travels give without being bound by hotel or flight bookings. Here the matter is much simpler. If you want, you get in the car and you can go wherever your imagination and endless roads take you. If you have a remote job or you are not afraid to take up new challenges in new places, we encourage you to taste this freedom. Imagine that you wake up and outside the window of your mobile home you have an amazing view of the mountains like from a postcard. And the next day you wake up at a lake or at the seaside. Interesting prospect, isn't it? At the very thought, we feel this fresh scent of dew in the morning.

Vanlife is also slowlife. By escaping the hustle and bustle of the city or working in the office, you can use the time to explore the world, learn new things, develop yourself or just make your dreams come true. Nothing is chasing you, so you can easily spend time doing what you want. It is also often associated with a return to a natural rhythm that is in keeping with nature. Travel in summer looks different than in winter, often the day mode is then dependent on the day and night cycle. Newly met people are eager to open up to camper newcomers, which makes evenings by the fire or grill much more interesting than showing each other memes on their phones.

The enormity of new experiences that vanlife gives is really big. Therefore, it can also be said that this type of journey is a journey of transformation. Changes in the way of life because you have to give up, for example, the luxuries of a large apartment or the availability of all media. But also changes in the approach to life. Expectations decrease because it turns out that we do not need much to be happy. The joy of the little everyday things increases. We slow down, thanks to which it is easier to see beauty in the simplest things that we did not even have time to pay attention to before.

We hope you will try this adventure. We only warn you, if you have a taste of the freedom that vanlife gives, it will probably stay in your heart forever;)

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