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13 May 2022

What to check in the motorhome before leaving? - Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th is a very special day. Happy for some and unlucky for others. Regardless of what you believe, it's a good day to check your Campervan before your weekend trip. Thanks to this, you will avoid many unpleasant and "unlucky" situations.

What is worth checking?


General technical condition of the vehicleThe cornerstone of our list. Theoretically and practically, the car should be checked before each long trip. It is worth checking:

Tires - whether they are bulged - also spareEngine oil - do you need to add it?Cooling and brake fluid - is it missing?Brakes - are they fully the culpritDoormats - do they effectively collect water?Sprinklers - are they working properly and if there is fluidLights - are they not burned out (it is worth taking spare ones with you)Air conditioning - does it cool?Battery - is it discharged?Up-to-date inspection - are all documents valid?Checking these few little things can save you a lot of worry while traveling. Probably no one would like to end their vacation sooner because of the need to visit a mechanic or after the documents are stopped during a police check.


2. Electrical installation

Check that the additional equipment of the motorhome is in working order. It may happen that, for example, a worn-out refrigerator is minimally damaged, which poses a risk of quick discharge of the battery when parked. A similar situation may occur in the case of additional lighting or even leaving other devices that consume electricity connected for too long. The solution may be to invest in a second battery and photovoltaics.


3. Water tanks

It is worth refilling them before leaving so that you do not have to worry about it, e.g. when changing your plans and spending the night in the wild in the middle of the forest. On the other hand, tanks with gray water should be emptied (of course in the right place) so as not to unnecessarily carry old waste with you. This also applies to cassette toilets.


4. Gas cylinder

If we have a built-in gas stove, before leaving, check whether there is still gas in the cylinder and, of course, whether the cylinder is tight. However, if we use a portable tourist cooker, it is worth replenishing the supply of cartridges before leaving so that you can cook even "in the middle of nowhere".


5. Necessary equipment

Before each trip, you should check, among other things, such things as the first aid kit - if nothing is missing in it, or add what was missing, e.g. during the last trip. Basic tools are also a must-have during campervan trips - you never know and when it might come in handy. It is also worth taking matches, flashlights and headlamps with you, of course with a complete set of batteries and a fire extinguisher.

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