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17 November 2021

Winter in a campervan

Gray, dull, gloomy… and cold. The golden leaves have fallen almost completely, and dark, rainy clouds are puffing up on the horizon, pushed by the cool wind. Does autumn and a change of weather mean the end of a camper trip? Well no. Below are some tips on how to deal with autumn and winter in a campervan.


  • Auxiliary heating

If you do not have factory-installed webasto heating, it is worth thinking about installing such heating yourself or with the help of a company that deals with it. It is the basic and definitely the simplest solution to ensure a comfortable temperature in a campervan, even when the temperature outside is low.


  • Insulation

But what about heating, if all the heat can quickly escape through the walls and windows of the vehicle. It is worth taking care of adequate protection of all surfaces through which heat may escape. There are many ways, you can do it in layers using different materials or use special foams and thermal insulation mats. Don't forget about doors and windows, and in case of really severe frosts, even the smallest gaps.


  • Ventilation

When we have warm inside, remember about ventilation. The sauna is nice especially in winter, but maybe not necessarily in the motorhome. Ventilation will not only take care of air exchange, but also thanks to it we will get rid of excess moisture. It is very important especially in such a small area. It is worth thinking about it already at the stage of building a campervan to install, for example, a roof fan. Additionally, in spite of frost, the entire car should be ventilated from time to time. You can also purchase moisture absorbers.


  • Optional accessories

In addition to such technical aspects that help in cold weather, it is worth taking care of some useful gadgets. The first is thick and warm bedding. Of course, if you have a place for it, and if not necessary, you will have decent sleeping bags and blankets. You can cover yourself with them in the evening, sitting outside by the fire with friends, and at night they will always add more warmth. When going on a trip to places where we know that it will be cold or when we have this time of the year, it is necessary to pack appropriate clothing. An additional sweatshirt or woolen "grandma's" socks can always be saved in the great frost.


  • A cup of hot coffee

This is not a joke. Hot drinks and meals are essential in autumn and winter. They will not only warm up but also add flavor to the trip;). Half a joke, half seriously, maybe it's worth smiling at grandma for a jar of soup;)

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