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10 July 2022

Work in a campervan - how to turn 2 weeks of vacation into an endless adventure

Some of the holidays are behind us and many people have already had their summer holiday trips behind them. On average, unfortunately, such adventures do not last longer than 2 weeks due to the full-time job.

How to change it? As if "vacation" and traveling could go on forever? As if you didn't have to wait for the desired vacation?

This can be done without a problem!


All you have to do is (and until) change the industry. ;) There are many jobs that can be done remotely from anywhere in the world. Thanks to such a change, you can be on the go all the time, enjoying its charms, and at the same time not worrying about finances and having to return to the boring office.

What professions can be performed in a camper van? Here is a short list.


  • Copywriter

It is enough that you have a "light pen" and you know most of the rules of correct writing. And that's enough to start working as a copywriter. You can write texts under the agency or search for jobs on the Internet yourself. Contrary to appearances, there are plenty of offers, so you can go ahead and choose something for yourself. Many businesses need articles for their sites and corporate blogs, but stores also need short product descriptions.


  • Writer

Copywriter is not everything. You can become an arcade and live, for example, from writing books, scripts, or running a profitable blog. Traveling provides a lot of inspiration and ideas that, if written and shared, can bring you a really good income.


  • Graphic artist

A pleasant and creative profession that is becoming more common all over the world. We encounter various types of graphics at every step, which is why the demand for this profession is really high. There are so many orders that you can choose the industry in which you will specialize. For example, you can create graphics for social media, illustrations for books and fairy tales, corporate identity for new companies and much, much more.


  • Photographer / filmmaker

You don't have to have big contracts with big companies right away to be able to travel and earn money from photography. Feel free to sell your photos at photo banks. You can also work as a retoucher and, for example, process other people's photos. It is similar with filming. Cooperation with companies is not everything. You can also sell your shots in film banks or deal with the assembly of ready-made materials from the client. There are many options.


  • Virtual assistant

We live in times when we have more and more on our heads and sometimes it is hard to understand by ourselves. Therefore, the profession of a virtual assistant is becoming more and more common. Sitting in the van, you can easily organize meetings and time for "your boss". You can also deal with most of his affairs remotely.


  • Language teacher and more - remote tutoring.

Remote tutoring? Why not. Think what you are good at and go to work. Mathematics, physics, biology, Polish or maybe history? Everything can be taught online. And if you know a foreign language well, it is not only tutoring, but you can also run the entire language school and online group classes.


  • Translator

Do you feel comfortable using a foreign language in speech and writing? If so, you can become a translator. And it is not about an interpreter at business meetings, but about translating texts or videos.


  • Programmer

Another job that you can do with only a computer. If you know programming at least a little, you can safely work remotely. Regardless of whether you have a contract with a large form or you are looking for orders yourself.


  • Positioner

Every day there are more and more websites and stores that want to break through their competition to reach as many potential customers as possible. And this is exactly the job for the positioner. A good positioning course is enough to be able to enjoy the sheer volume of orders that you can safely carry out while sitting by the lake in a camper van.


  • Website designer

As we have already mentioned websites, people who design websites should be mentioned. A good website builder, contrary to appearances, does not need many orders to enjoy prosperity. It is enough to know the basic principles of page design and aesthetics to be able to create unique websites without knowing any coding.


  • Social Media Manager.

Until recently, a profession that no one has heard of today is very much sought after and needed. Most of the marketing and interpersonal relationships have moved to the world of social media such as Facebook and Instagram. It is now the main source of acquiring new customers and maintaining relationships with them for many brands. Therefore, all you need is a little knowledge of the marketing and specifications of a given platform and you can work with only a telephone.


  • Psychologist

Contrary to appearances, you do not need an office to be able to help others. All you need is a computer with a webcam and a microphone to calmly conduct meetings with patients and therapy. The only catch is that to become a psychologist you need to study in this field.


  • Application / website tester and interviewer.

There are a lot of offers on job advertisement portals, browsing the application testing, application / page tester and interviewer. On job advertisements portals, there are a lot of offers involving testing mobile applications or filling out surveys. It is a good option to earn extra money or if you have more time to earn. Because nothing stands in the way of "cursing" one or two questionnaires in the evening, wine in hand.


  • Creator of digital products.

Any kind of e-book or online course is also a good way to earn money while traveling. You don't need an editorial contract to publish a book or a great training room to run online courses. It is also enough to write or record material once, which can be repeatedly purchased by your clients.



As you can see, there are quite a lot of options for working and earning money in a camper van. Interestingly, most of them do not require studies or very specialized courses and training. You can easily learn it from the Internet and from your own experience.

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