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18 September 2022

Re-registration of the car for a special one

Do I need to re-register the car for a special one? Can the bodywork be removed so that there is no problem during the inspection? Does the roof of the bedroom change the purpose of the vehicle?


These are frequent questions that we get from you both in the news and during meetings at our headquarters.


What is going on with re-registering a car for a special motorhome?

Just as each vehicle has an entry in the document for what it is intended for, e.g. a passenger car or a truck, in the event of significant changes, this should be included in the documentation. Changing the purpose of the vehicle in the registration certificate is necessary mainly for two reasons.

First and foremost - these are the regulations we currently have. Secondly, there will be no problem with the periodic inspection and during the roadside inspection, so you will be able to enjoy traveling with a camper.


What is subject to the provisions on re-registration for a special car?

First of all, buildings. It is about her that there are always the most questions. In order for the bodywork to be eligible for the need to change the vehicle specification, it must contain 2 key elements: a kitchen and a bed. However, the bodywork must be made in such a way that it is safe while driving. The stability of the body structure is checked and it is properly attached so that it does not endanger the driver and passengers while driving. The edges of furniture and other equipment are also an important aspect. They should be rounded to minimize the risk of injury. The same should be done in the case of sheet metal elements of the car - it must be secured with upholstery.


Not every camping construction requires a special permit. Furniture that fits in the luggage compartment does not require re-registration of the car. Such a solution is usually travel boxes that can be freely modified. They serve as storage, but when properly thought out, they can contain an entire kitchen or shower. In addition, they can be used as a sleeping space after folding the armchairs. The advantage of this type of solution is multifunctionality and mobility. During everyday use of the car, the travel box can be easily disassembled and stored in the garage until the next trip without having to change the data in the ID.


Seats - another very important aspect when re-registering a car.

The most important thing is that all seats installed must be approved. This means that we cannot add "first better" seats or a bench from another car. The seats we add must be new and equipped with seat belts that meet all legal standards - among others, they must have the ISO FIX system, at least with 2 seats. In addition, a very important aspect is the fact that the assembly of the seats must be in accordance with the technical specification from the seat manufacturer and the adaptation to a specific vehicle model.


Legal regulations also regulate issues such as exterior modifications to the vehicle. Among other things, it checks whether the added elements comply with the regulations. Examples include windows that also require approval. It is important that these are dedicated car windows. In addition, the special car legislation makes it clear that if we add an extra row of seats, there must be a window here. It serves as an emergency exit for passengers.


Returning to the internal modifications that are subject to the necessity to change the purpose of the vehicle is the removal of the bulkhead wall in trucks. Importantly, this must be done by a company that has the appropriate permissions and entered PKD 50.20A. This is a necessary requirement because such a company can issue a special certificate of correct removal of the bulkhead wall.


Installations can also be checked during the inspection. Gas in particular, is it properly secured and tight.


When building your own motorhome, you should keep the above-mentioned things in mind, so that you will not have a problem with re-registration and car inspection later. For your peace of mind and confidence, we suggest that you give the car to specialists who have the appropriate qualifications and experience in both car conversion and registration.


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