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25 August 2022

What window to the campervan

Not enough light in the motorhome? Or our base for a campervan is a typical raw "delivery box" in which the only windows are those in the driver's space? Or maybe we just want to have beautiful views from the window, even in the motorhome, and always fresh air flow.


Not everyone probably knows that you can easily install additional windows to our motorhome base, so often at the time of purchase, we suggest that the car has the right amount and arrangement of glass. It is worth adding that the installation of windows is relatively simple, so we do not have to limit ourselves in choosing a base plate. However, dilemmas may arise related to what window to choose and what will be the best.


We will present below the 2 most common types of windows installed in campervans.


  • Glass windows

The most basic camera-mounted windows. It can be an ordinary car window or a special sliding window. The advantage of this type of solution is that the window can be kept open while driving. Undoubtedly, the aesthetic appearance both outside and inside the vehicle is an advantage. The disadvantage of such a solution is that they must be dedicated to a specific car model. As a result, they fit perfectly, but there is a much smaller choice than in the case of typical chamber-type campervan windows.


  • Chamber windows

Dedicated typical camping windows. They are made of 2 layers of plastic between which there is a layer of air. Thanks to this structure, the window is tight and provides good insulation against the cold. Such a window does not fog up, but it cannot be opened while driving. An additional advantage of chamber windows is the wide selection of available models. They do not depend on the tinplate models you have. In addition, the camping windows have built-in curtains.


We hope that the above-mentioned short description of the 2 basic types of windows installed in motorhomes will make it easier to choose the perfect solution when building your own campervan.

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